Top Code editors in 2021

Hello programmers this is Satyam and in today's blog I am going to describe you the code editors which I personally use and you should also try them so guys let's get started.

First of all if you don't know that what is a code editor then please this blog is not for you.I am just kidding,I know you all are understand that what a code editor is.Now guys let us discuss how a code editor is better,so the first and foremost thing is the design of the editor,I don't think anyone nowadays are working with Turbo C++ which is actually a very old code editor and If you have code editors such as Atom or VS Code then there is no reason to use the Turbo C++.If you want a code editor with some cool themes,features then VS Code and Atom are the best in the market.If you want a light weight editor then Sublime text is the best available option.If you talk about IDEs then for Java you can use Eclipse,Netbeans or Intellij Idea personally I use Eclipse and if you want an IDE for python still eclipse works good and there are some other IDEs such as Pycharm and Spyder both are great.For C++ you can use VS Code.

There can be a lot of reasons to use a particular IDE or Code Editor but for an impressive performance and with less bulk on the System then you can the famous VS Code editor,I personally uses it almost everyday because all the features works great and the extension marketplace makes it unique and makes another solid reason to use the VSCode editor.Atom can be considered as a new generation editor with it's user interface it's like heaven for Developers.So programmers at last I would like to put down a list of top code editors.

1.Visual Studio Code

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