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Hello programmers this is Satyam again back with another awesome blog and in this blog I am going to compare the two most popular AI code autocompletion tools that are Kite and Tabnine respectively.

So first of all programmers let me tell you that TabNine only supports single token code completion whereas Kite supports intelligent code snippets.TabNine is less accurate while completion of library imports and sometimes returns Java specific libraries in Python code whereas Kite is very accurate for Python and JavaScript.Now while using these tools you will notice that TabNine requires a lot memory in comparison to Kite.TabNine almost takes 80% more memory than Kite.Here kite wins by a large margin.

Moreover Kite is free to use without any restrictions whereas there are some limitations in TabNine's free to use version.So Kite would be first choice if you are a budget friendly programmer.

Both TabNine and Kite supports the popular code editors such as Vs code,Vim of course there are few which are not supported by either TabNine or Kite.

Now let's talk about latency time is very important for all us even a second can be very important so here kite wins as it had lowest latency and TabNine has high latency.
Also Kite provides interactive documentation tools whereas TabNine does not.

If you talk about privacy of source code then kite is best as it works locally, TabNine also says that it is secure but it sends some web requests so it's a bit unsecure.

Now the most important question how many languages is supported by them.The answer is kite only supports Python and JavaScript where TabNine supports a much of variety of languages.

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