Frontend Resources

Hello programmers this is satyam again back with another awesome blog and in this blog I am going to describe you the best frontend resources which I personally use and I will recommend you to use.
  • to host and review 🧐 code, manage projects and build software 🤖 alongside millions of developers.

  • to get answers to your toughest coding questions 😁, share knowledge with your co-workers in private, and find your next dream job.It is also useful in finding solutions to different kind of errors.

  • to connect with developers all around the world and grow your career 🤓.It is helpful to start a blog in the fastest way.

  • to share and discover great ideas, have debates and make friends,have a discussion on various topics.

  • Podcasts are a new way of learning because it's easy to learn by listening to others.some most popular ones are  JavaScript Jabber and the Shop Talk Show.


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