Python vs Java vs C++ - which is best for competitive programming?

Hello guys this is Satyam gain back with another awesome blog and in this blog I am going to show you the full comparison of the three of the most popular programming languages i.e. Java,C++ or Python.First of all guys I would like to say you that I have not been in the field of competitive programming from a long or you can I am a newbie in this field.So I can tell you all the major reasons to use or not use these programming languages as per beginners point of view.So Let's get start.

Starting with Python a very beginner friendly language,and I am personal coding in Python for the past 2-3 years so I can confidently tell you that Python is definitely a good language for beginners in any suitable field where Python can be used,talking in perspective to competitive programming here also Python will be a good choice as it works most of the time writing only pseudo code that's really a great 😎 thing .Also we have a collection Module which provides some good implementation of Abstract Data Types such as Arrays,Queues and Stack.But if you want to have some community support in learning then Python is not the right choice because mostly people uses C++ for competitive programming.Now let's talk about C++ which is the most popular programming language for competitive programming as it has a library called STL - Standard Template Library,now this library has a complete implementation of all the basic Abstract Data Types and moreover it's a very fast langauge as it is very close to hardware.Before moving into Java, let us first try to understand why I am using the line implementation of Abstract Data Types so guys imaging that you are sitting in a coding contest so guys if you think that you have to implement all the data structures then it will be a joke 🤣 for you because we don't need to implement all the working code we have a lot of built in classes or you say libraries which provides the direct use of DS without the actual implementation and that is what we have to do we can't just write all the code we need to be smart 😎 guys.Now guys let's discuss about Java,now if you use Java for competitive programming then it's a good choice for sure as Java is not only used here but it has been in the use of Android development, Software Development and AI  so if you learn Java then it will be a plus point for you,last but not the least if you learn any programming language either Java C++ or Python you can very easily navigates to other programming languages.So guys that's it.

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