React vs Angular 2020

Hello guys this is Satyam,again back 
with another awesome blog and in this blog I am going to compare React and Angular on the basis of my experience while working with these two awesome frameworks.

React was introduced by Facebook which is a very popular social media platform,now why the developers of Facebook created React,before React,we used plain JavaScript in different application and the problem was that whenever you try to visit any section of the page from another then the entire page is actually refreshed that resulted in more time consumption and the problem was solved by React's virtual DOM and now many big application such as Facebook,Instagram and WhatsApp uses React.React is basically a frontend framework and whenever you try to build a large application in it you will need to use another tool or library that is called Redux.On the other hand Angular was Introduced by Google and hence it is popular as a Google Product.Now the story of angular is very confusing,the first version of angular was termed as AngularJS and in the second version of Angular things were drastically changed and altogether it's a new Framework so AngularJS and Angular are two different things.AngularJS is also a frontend framework but it also supports MVC which is a modern pattern of web app development.So Angular is used for creating both the frontend applications or end to end applications.React is actually easy to learn and use than Angular as React has only the concept of Components replaced by the all the major concepts which is really good according to me.Companies like Google and General Motors uses it as their main component.

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