Explain all the tasks which we can perform on a file in python?

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Hello guys this is Satyam,again back with another awesome blog and in this blog post I am going to take you through all the tasks which can be performed on a file via File Handling in Python.So guy's let's get started.First of all guys I would like to say that I have separate tutorials of File Handling on my Website BestPythonTutorials.com and Hope you like it.The link to the chapter is:


So guys file handling refers to modifying of files on our Systems using some in-built methods such as write(),append() and read().In order to get started with File Handling you will first need to open a file using the open() method which has two parameters the first one takes the file name and the second one is an attribute which is referred to whether the file opened for reading or writing purposes or whether the file is normal text file or binary files.

File Handling plays a very important role in an web application because in there may be need to access the computer to upload files or there may be certain reasons to access the files of the device.

So this is it,all you can do is that check the above link to my website's tutorials on file handling and enjoy it.Hope you like :).

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