Why you should learn Artificial Intelligence?

Hello programmers this is Satyam,today in this blog we are going discuss a very important that why we should learn AI.Actually I would like to say that AI is for everyone if you don't want learn AI you should know how to use AI, don't judge that AI is only using Google Assistant or Siri.It's a very big domain to use.AI is first of all getting popular day by day even a child of 4th standard is knowing about AI.It indicates that how the world is changing people are using AI to improve their lifestyle.AI is very simple thing to use but a bit difficult thing to understand as you need to deal with a lot data and working with a lot of data is not an easy task it's also not a very tough job but it is somehow tough.Don't dig into this topic as if you want to learn anything you can learn anything without any problem if you remember that "Problems are part of life".You must give your best to learn Anything not just AI.Ok that's it let's move into the core topic and discuss more about it .

Nowadays we need more and more AI engineers and Data Scientist as you know that Data is the our new oil without we can't literally live as we are becoming very used to to AI.There are a large of YouTubers teaching AI for free some of them are Sentdex and Siraj Raval.You must check out there videos.There are really great creators.I personally love them.You can also buy some good books to learn such    Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (Prentice Hall Series in Artificial Intelligence)    to learn AI.This is my personal favorite book.

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