Which is better Unity or Unreal Engine?

Hello programmers this is Satyam,today in this blog we are going to compare two of the most popular game engines other there in the market that are Unity and Unreal Engine.If you don't know what is a game engine? I will explain you in short.Game Engine is an Application Software which is develop Games.For example,Free Fire and PUBG both are made in Unreal Engine by Epic Games.

Now let's compare these two game engines.First of all let's talk about Unity Game Engine,Unity was by Unity Technologies in 2003 and now Unity is one of the most popular game engine as it has it's community version for free use whereas Unreal Engine which was developed by Epic Games in 1993 is older than Unity and please note that before 2015 it was only a paid software you can't use it for free i.e. it was mostly used by Game Development Companies and not by Solo/Indie Game Developer.Unreal Engine is more powerpacked than The Unity game engine but Unity has been giving it's community version for free use with some features limited and Unity Splash Screen while starting the game from a long time but in 2015 as we have discussed the Unreal Engine was converted for free to use for everyone,which was a good step by Epic Games.Unity provides a lot of good features and the same Unreal do.I have used both of them and I think Unity is a bit easier to use than the Unreal Engine but both of them work great.Another big difference is that Unity uses C# and UnityScript as it's scripting language whereas Unreal uses C++ language for it's scripting.

Unreal Engine provides better Visuals of assets than Unity Game Engine and that is the main reason for use of Unreal Engine by large game studios as Garena and Bluehole.Unity has easier learning curve than unreal. Unreal also has blueprint system where you don't have to know programming. Just connect all nodes and your game is ready but clearly I found unity with c# more easier. Unreal is so immersive it's difficult for beginners.

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