Which is better, Java or Python? And how?

    Java or Python Which is one Best ?

First of all I am not giving any judgement that you should learn python or java but I am only comparing them on the basis of their pluses and minuses , on the basis of uses and popularity.


 Java and Python are both old languages i.e. they are not new in the market both Java and Python Language were introduced in the 90s and still Java is a great language as you can develop Android Applications,Desktop Applications and also in Software Testing.But Python which is considered as the most versatile fifth generation programming language which is capable of working with latest technologies with a much easier syntax than.But  this is not enough Python also supports a wide of libraries as it is an Open Source Programming Language and a lot of people contributes to it's development.


Java supports all Object Oriented concepts directly but Python does not supports Many Object Oriented Concepts such as Abstraction or Encapsulation directly and you have use modules like abc for implementing Abstraction.I have discussed some major differences between Java and Python.Now it's on you that what you want to use.Feel free to choose.

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