What will be post pandemic condition on IT or Technology Field?

Hello guys,in this blog we are going to talk about the future of IT and Technology in the post pandemic(pandemic conditions).If some asks me this question, in short I will answer that it's future is very fabulous.As in this pandemic only the jobs related to Tech or IT is active and the task can be easily shifted to work from home that's a great benefit 😊 I think.

Most of the companies have stated that they will provide all the facilities to their employees in order to make them comfortable to work from home.The only jobs available in this pandemic condition is those related to IT.But on other side many companies are also removing employees in a large number,this is not their intention but they have really no options 😔.If they don't have work how they will pay salaries or give work to employees.

This pandemic period will be very beneficial for any body who wants to increase his knowledge and be more productive after the pandemic ends.At last I would like to say that this is not the first pandemic that the humans have faced this is actually what we did I am talking about what bad 😏 things we have done.This is only the result of that mistakes.

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