Should you learn Bootstrap in 2020?

 Should You Learn Bootstrap in 2020?

This is an important question to answer according to me.Very Recently the alpha version of Bootstrap was released.Since then people are asking that whether they should learn Bootstrap anymore or not.Now In this blog I will try to answer this question in a simple way.

For many developer,it will be a kind of situation that don't learn bootstrap,it's a waste but If you are a Frontend Developer I strongly suggest you to learn Bootstrap.But before learning bootstrap you must learn HTML and CSS and build some complete static sites and then you should move on the bootstrap.The main thing is that You don't have to learn anything in Bootstrap,if you are knowing CSS,you just need to remember some classes or you can also copy and paste the code from the official website it's completely on you but I recommendation is that you should learn Bootstrap if you are a Frontend Developer or UI Developer.


Many Developer says that Bootstrap is not good don't learn it but Believe me Bootstrap is really a very good CSS Framework but you can definitely replace it with other CSS Frameworks,you can also learn tailwind CSS which is also a great CSS Library but it's a bit different from Bootstrap,it's totally different belong to a different group.

In the latest update or version i.e. the Bootstrap 5 you also don't need to use JQuery,every thing will be done with pure CSS,But you should learn JavaScript if you want to build more dynamic and functioning pages.




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