Popular Python Frameworks?Libraries?Module?

 Popular Python Frameworks?Libraries?Module?
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Python is a awesome programming language.Personally I love to code in Python.Python has a large number of frameworks which you can use for different purposes.First of all if You don't know what is a Framework,I am narrating a story which will help you to understand the meaning of Frameworks.

"Suppose you have to make school benches and you know the art of making them but you need wood for that.You have to ways of making the benches,the first one is going to the forest,cutting and shaping the wood as per he requirement or you can directly buy shaped wooden blocks from the market,which way is better.Obviously the second way is better,less time consuming and easy.But I am narrating this story the meaning of Framework is just similar to this.Python is a Library like the raw woods from the forest and you will need to work comparatively more to make a product directly with python but Django which is a Python Framework is like the prepared Wooden blocks which you can bring from the market and directly make the actual product which is needed.So the conclusion is Python is a Library and Django,Flask etc are Frameworks". 

Now moving on to the core topic that is what are some popular frameworks of Python available in the market to use.Python is extensively used in the field of developing Web Applications and Python has frameworks such as Django,Flask and CherryPy which are some good tools for developing Powerful Web Applications.

AI,which is the most popular field in the 21st century makes a good use of Python Programming Language.Python is considered as the best fifth generation programming language for working with AI due to Frameworks such as Tensorflow,Matplotlib,NumPy and Pandas.

Python is also good for developing Desktop Applications,there are many modules or you can simply say they are framework or library for building Apps,Tkinter and WxPython are some of the most popular libraries out there.Tkinter is already installed in your Python Interpreter whereas WxPython needs to be installed.Also WxPython is a very powerful library.

Python is also very useful in Automation testing using selenium.If you don't know what is automation testing I will be writing a blog on it very soon but for now read and share this article.
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