Is Python a dying programming language?

Python is a dying programming language I can't even imagine this scenario.Python is widely used in the field of AI or Data Science which is considered as the sexiest job of 21st century by Harvard Business News.In Indian Universities,10 years ago Python was not even in the syllabus of a single University but now almost every University is making Python compulsory to learn as they now have acknowledged the features of python and have understood that python is the language of future.

You can't imagine that Python has now become the fastest growing programming language.Very recenty the number of GitHub repositories of Python Programming Language became more than the number of Repositories of Java Programming Language.

Python has some awesome applications in developing Desktop Applications,Web Applications and even Mobile Applications using the Kivy Framework.Python is easiest programming language and the most beginner friendly language which is now changing the way people were thinking about Programming.Now everybody has understood the importance of programming and how the future will be if you they are not aware of programming.


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