How to get started with Game Development?How to learn game development?


Hello developers,this is Satyam.In todays blog we are going to discuss the complete pathway to become a Game Developer in 2021.Now first of all I would like to say that game development is not a task for individuals,it's a task for a group of peoples i.e. developing a good game requires a large of Developers,Animation Engineers and a lot more positions.Now a question arises in your mind that can't you develop a game individually,of course ,you can but you can't make a game like PUBG individually but you can create small games which are likely to be successful in the Gaming Market.To make a game you need to have the knowledge of programming or scripting,C++ and C# are two of the most commonly used languages for scripting in a game.


Getting Started with Game Development 

Now the first thing required is that you need to select a game engine.In the market,game engines such as Unity,Unreal Engine and Godot are very popular.Both Unity and Unreal Engine are in the market for a long time but Godot has just arrived in the market.I would prefer you to use Unity Game Engine,it's my personal opinion,you can use any engine of your choice.The next thing is that you need to use or create assets.Now what are assets,Assets are all the 3D Models,Scene and Any Object you see in the game.You can create your own assets,depending on 3D and 2D games,you can use softwares such as Blender for 3D Character Modelling and Photoshop or Inkspace for developing assets for a 2D game.As discussed you also need to know programming,not a lot but when developing a large game , programming should be very strong.Unity games engine supports C# programming language,Javascript Language and it's own scripting language which is known as Unity Script.If you don't want to create you own assets you can either buy paid assets or can use free assets on taking permissions of the developer of that asset.


Developing a good game 

To develop a good game you need motivation and devotion.Developing a good competetive game is not an easy task or I will either say that it's a difficult task.I am also planning to develop a good game but I am not getting time as well as capital for this purpose.I hope I will be able to developer some good games in future.I will definitely do it.


Scope of Game Development 

Scope of  game development is great,people are having a great interests in playing games,as a result you can see the love for games like PUBG , which is a good thing for peoples like use i.e. the game developers,I hope you have got what I wanted to say.



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