How to build an entertainment app like hotstar?

 Building an entertainment app like Hotstar?

Building an App Like Hotstar is not much difficult as generally people think of it.The first thing we are going to understand how these types of apps works.The working is based on API.Now If you don't know what is an API,I have also written a blog on it.Click Here to Read.


Actually Hotstar is a third party app which uses API to access the Databases of different Film Producing Studios or may be Serial Producing Studios.Once they get the data from the API they fetch and show it to there app or website whatever you would like to call it.Believe me the working of these apps are very simple.You can easily make a basic streaming app with some free public APIs with few weeks.






Can you build an App like Hotstar?

Yes you can very easily build an App like Hotstar but the main problem is that you have to invest a good amount of Money I am estimating it to be 20 - 25 lakhs which is a significant amount of money for a normal guy.If you have the knowledge of App Development you can easily build it with few more peoples helping you or you can also hire developers but this will also increase your budget from 25 lakhs to may be 35 lakhs or even more.It depends on the quality of the developer you will be hiring.





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