How much mathematics one should know to learn Machine Learning?

In this blog we are going to see that how much mathematics one should know to understand the complex machine learning algorithms.But before we could start we must understand the difference between a Machine Learning engineer and a Machine Learning researcher.Both are having a large difference as Machine Learning engineer don't need to know a lot of maths a basic calculus will be enough but if you want to become a Machine Learning Researcher you need to be very good at mathematics.You must know advance calculus and linear algebra to become a researcher.

Now the question arises why a Machine Learning Engineer doesn't needs to know more mathematics whereas the Machine Learning Researcher needs to know because a Machine learning Researcher usually do not works with traditional algorithms and they themselves creates there own machine learning algorithms but as you know the Machine learning engineers works with traditional already existing algorithms where they just need to know a bit of mathematics.

But who is better,a Machine learning engineer or a Machine learning Researcher actually both are doing important jobs we can't justify who is better or greater both are very knowledgeable personalities.Hope you like this blog.Please follow us.


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