Flutter Vs React Native ? Which is better ? Why?

 Flutter Vs React Native ? Which is better ? Why?

Flutter and React Native are both used in the field of Mobile Application Development.They are generally known for developing Cross Platform Mobile Applications i.e. those mobile applications which can be easily migrated to different operating systems including Android and IOS.


Flutter Vs React Native

Let us first talk about the history of React Native and then we will learn about the history of Flutter.React Native Was Developed by Facebook for developing cross platform Mobile Applications.It uses React and Javascript.If you don't know what is React.I am going to tell you about it in short.React is a frontend framework developed by Facebook which is know for it's Virtual DOM.We are going to discuss about the Virtual DOM in this Article.


Now Flutter is developed by Google so you can say it's a google branded product it uses Dart Language which is very similar to C++ language.But you should learn Dart before getting started with Flutter.


Comparing React Native and Flutter?

React Native and Flutter have different principles of working but there goal is similar i.e. development of cross platform applications.React Native is like Web Based Framework and if you are familiar with Web Technologies like HTML,CSS or JavaScript then you are good to go you can very easily learn React Native but Flutter which is based on the Dart Programming Language which is not so popular.I think React Native is good and I personally love to use React Native but at last it's on you that what you want to use.


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