Do a programmer needs to be very good at Mathematics?

Hello programmers,this is Satyam.Today in this blog we are going to discuss an important topic for every programmer,that how much Mathematics you should know if you want to become a programmer or simply you can say that do I need to be good at Mathematics for programming.Actually it depends upon what you want to be , I am talking about that whether you want to become a competitive programmer or an app developer both of these professions requires programming skills.Now let us discuss about these two professions.A competitive programmer is also known as A Sports Programmer,a competitive programmer solves a question in a given amount of time and desired complexity.Competetive Programming is a tough task as it requires years of practicing to solve those critical thinking questions and as you know that critical thinking is the skill of future that is you definitely should have the skills for solving critical problems.

Now who is an App Developer?Now an App Developer is a Person who develops apps for different platforms mostly Android and iOS.For developing the apps of Android Operating System,you need to know programming languages such as Java,Kotlin or Frameworks such as React Native and Flutter.

Mathematics is an important thing it is not a subject it's a necessity and you must understand Mathematics,it doesn't matter what you want to do, either and app developer or a competitive programming.But you just require basic secondary and some high school Mathematics to be a good programmer.Topics in Mathematics such as Algebra,Number System are some of the basic Mathematics which you will not be using directly but you must know these topics as if you don't have the basic skills you can't become a good programmer at all.And you must take this seriously.


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