Deno and Node.js Comparison?

Deno is a new Javascript Framework for Backend Development.Deno is actually developed by Ryan Dahl who is also the developer of Node.js and Deno is like an improved version of Node.js.First of all what is Node.js.Node.js is a Runtime Environment for Javascript to run the javascript code outside the browser but what was the problem with Node.js - Actually There were a lot of Security Issues on Node.js So the developer Node.js created Deno with most security threats solved and now we can use deno.Check Out the official Website of Deno for info of installation and further development:Deno.


Now let's talk more about the Deno Framework.I have been using Deno for last few weeks almost 2 weeks and I think Deno is a good replacement or improvement of NodeJS.







Will Deno Kill NodeJS? 


Actually Deno and NodeJS will both dominate the market because they both are good but the improvement in the security threats of Deno will make it my first choice.


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