Best programming language for competitive programming?


Hello programmers,this is Satyam.In today's blog we are going to discuss about the programming language which is best suited for Competitive Programming.But if you don't know what is Competitive Programming,let's discuss it first.Competitive Programming is often known as Sports Programming.In this type of Programmer,the programmer is called sports or Competitive programmer.A Competitive programmer is given some complex problems based on Data Structures and Algorithms with a specified time limit and the program which has best time complexity is chosen as the answer.Now I think you have understood the meaning of competitive programming.Now let us dive into the main topic that which is the best programming language for Competitive programming.



C++  - A Sports Language

If you google it,you will find that most of the people considers C++ as the best programming language for competitive programming .C++ is really good language for competitive programming as C++ allows you to implement maximum concepts of programming whereas programming languages such as Python is not very ideal for competitive programming.We will discuss about python in the later section.If you see the winners of different coding contests you will find that all the winners are mostly using C++ programming language,some are using Java or C.Why C++ is so popular,the first thing is that C++ supports seven different programming paradigms such as Object Oriented,Structural Oriented and Functional Oriented.It is also one of the oldest programming language which is steal in existence after C and COBOL language.Currently,Gennady Korotkevich who is a citizen of Belarus is considered as the best sports programmer in the world,he has been winning the Google Code Jam for the last five years,this year 2020,he has been the winner of Google Code Jam.He has also won coding contests of national level at the age of 11.You can guess how talented he is.


Python for Competitive Programming

Why Python is not an ideal programming language for competitive programming,python first of all doesn't supports many programming concepts directly,for using those you either need to use tricks or some modules or switch to other programming language.Many people also uses Python for competitive programming,but I personally believe that it's not a powerful language for competitive programming.Java and C language are runner up in popularity of Programming Languages for competitive programming.After C++ Java has the largest share if programmers using it for competitive programming and third rank is for the C language,C language is literally the best language for competitive programming.As it allows to implement maximum programming concepts easily,C language is also the most stable programming language available in the market.


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