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How to become a better Competitive Programmer?Best Books For Competitive Programming?

OverviewCompetitive Programming is not an easy task it requires a lot of knowledge as well as hardwork and a lot motivation towards tough time.In few of our previous blogs we have talked about what is competitive programming and what  are some good programming languages for competitive programming.If you haven't read that article then click here. I will be writing some good blogs on competitive in future.Personally I love competitive programming.Competitive programming is actually a tough task at least from my side.As I told you earlier that I have written a separate blog on "What is Competitive Programming and What are some good programming languages for competitive programming".

Getting Started With Competitive Programming To get started with competitive programming,you should know the basics of any programming language.C++,Java and Python are the three most popular languages for competitive programming,you can use any programming language of your choice but I will sugge…

Which is the Best Operating System for Programming among Linux , MacOS and Windows?

Overview Hello programmers,this is Satyam.In today's blog we are going to discuss the importance of operating systems(different) for programming.First of all if you don't know what is an Operating System?Operating System is the basic interface between the user and the computer via GUI , which helps us to run different kinds of Application Software in the Computer.Now let us first talk about some popular operating systems in Brief,then we will be comparing them.Then Finally I will give you some points to use a particular operating system for a particular purpose.
Popular Operating Systems As we know that Windows is the most popular operating  system because it is very easy to use and work with.Windows was developed by Microsoft few decades ago.There were a lot of versions of windows we have seen with the passage of time from windows 95 to windows XP and from windows 7 to windows 10,now microsoft has officially said that they will not be releasing any other versions of Windows.In…

Best programming language for competitive programming?

Hello programmers,this is Satyam.In today's blog we are going to discuss about the programming language which is best suited for Competitive Programming.But if you don't know what is Competitive Programming,let's discuss it first.Competitive Programming is often known as Sports Programming.In this type of Programmer,the programmer is called sports or Competitive programmer.A Competitive programmer is given some complex problems based on Data Structures and Algorithms with a specified time limit and the program which has best time complexity is chosen as the answer.Now I think you have understood the meaning of competitive programming.Now let us dive into the main topic that which is the best programming language for Competitive programming. C++  - A Sports Language
If you google it,you will find that most of the people considers C++ as the best programming language for competitive programming .C++ is really good language for competitive programming as C++ allows you…

How to get started with Game Development?How to learn game development?

Hello developers,this is Satyam.In todays blog we are going to discuss the complete pathway to become a Game Developer in 2021.Now first of all I would like to say that game development is not a task for individuals,it's a task for a group of peoples i.e. developing a good game requires a large of Developers,Animation Engineers and a lot more positions.Now a question arises in your mind that can't you develop a game individually,of course ,you can but you can't make a game like PUBG individually but you can create small games which are likely to be successful in the Gaming Market.To make a game you need to have the knowledge of programming or scripting,C++ and C# are two of the most commonly used languages for scripting in a game.
Getting Started with Game DevelopmentNow the first thing required is that you need to select a game engine.In the market,game engines such as Unity,Unreal Engine and Godot are very popular.Both Unity and Unreal Engine are in the market fo…

Which is better Unity or Unreal Engine?

Hello programmers this is Satyam,today in this blog we are going to compare two of the most popular game engines other there in the market that are Unity and Unreal Engine.If you don't know what is a game engine? I will explain you in short.Game Engine is an Application Software which is develop Games.For example,Free Fire and PUBG both are made in Unreal Engine by Epic Games.

Now let's compare these two game engines.First of all let's talk about Unity Game Engine,Unity was by Unity Technologies in 2003 and now Unity is one of the most popular game engine as it has it's community version for free use whereas Unreal Engine which was developed by Epic Games in 1993 is older than Unity and please note that before 2015 it was only a paid software you can't use it for free i.e. it was mostly used by Game Development Companies and not by Solo/Indie Game Developer.Unreal Engine is more powerpacked than The Unity game engine but Unity has been giving it's community vers…

Do a programmer needs to be very good at Mathematics?

Hello programmers,this is Satyam.Today in this blog we are going to discuss an important topic for every programmer,that how much Mathematics you should know if you want to become a programmer or simply you can say that do I need to be good at Mathematics for programming.Actually it depends upon what you want to be , I am talking about that whether you want to become a competitive programmer or an app developer both of these professions requires programming skills.Now let us discuss about these two professions.A competitive programmer is also known as A Sports Programmer,a competitive programmer solves a question in a given amount of time and desired complexity.Competetive Programming is a tough task as it requires years of practicing to solve those critical thinking questions and as you know that critical thinking is the skill of future that is you definitely should have the skills for solving critical problems.

Now who is an App Developer?Now an App Developer is a Person who develops…

Why you should learn Artificial Intelligence?

Hello programmers this is Satyam,today in this blog we are going discuss a very important that why we should learn AI.Actually I would like to say that AI is for everyone if you don't want learn AI you should know how to use AI, don't judge that AI is only using Google Assistant or Siri.It's a very big domain to use.AI is first of all getting popular day by day even a child of 4th standard is knowing about AI.It indicates that how the world is changing people are using AI to improve their lifestyle.AI is very simple thing to use but a bit difficult thing to understand as you need to deal with a lot data and working with a lot of data is not an easy task it's also not a very tough job but it is somehow tough.Don't dig into this topic as if you want to learn anything you can learn anything without any problem if you remember that "Problems are part of life".You must give your best to learn Anything not just AI.Ok that's it let's move into the core t…

What will be post pandemic condition on IT or Technology Field?

Hello guys,in this blog we are going to talk about the future of IT and Technology in the post pandemic(pandemic conditions).If some asks me this question, in short I will answer that it's future is very fabulous.As in this pandemic only the jobs related to Tech or IT is active and the task can be easily shifted to work from home that's a great benefit 😊 I think.

Most of the companies have stated that they will provide all the facilities to their employees in order to make them comfortable to work from home.The only jobs available in this pandemic condition is those related to IT.But on other side many companies are also removing employees in a large number,this is not their intention but they have really no options 😔.If they don't have work how they will pay salaries or give work to employees.
This pandemic period will be very beneficial for any body who wants to increase his knowledge and be more productive after the pandemic ends.At last I would like to say that this is…

How much mathematics one should know to learn Machine Learning?

In this blog we are going to see that how much mathematics one should know to understand the complex machine learning algorithms.But before we could start we must understand the difference between a Machine Learning engineer and a Machine Learning researcher.Both are having a large difference as Machine Learning engineer don't need to know a lot of maths a basic calculus will be enough but if you want to become a Machine Learning Researcher you need to be very good at mathematics.You must know advance calculus and linear algebra to become a researcher.

Now the question arises why a Machine Learning Engineer doesn't needs to know more mathematics whereas the Machine Learning Researcher needs to know because a Machine learning Researcher usually do not works with traditional algorithms and they themselves creates there own machine learning algorithms but as you know the Machine learning engineers works with traditional already existing algorithms where they just need to know a bi…

Should you learn Bootstrap in 2020?

 Should You Learn Bootstrap in 2020?
This is an important question to answer according to me.Very Recently the alpha version of Bootstrap was released.Since then people are asking that whether they should learn Bootstrap anymore or not.Now In this blog I will try to answer this question in a simple way.For many developer,it will be a kind of situation that don't learn bootstrap,it's a waste but If you are a Frontend Developer I strongly suggest you to learn Bootstrap.But before learning bootstrap you must learn HTML and CSS and build some complete static sites and then you should move on the bootstrap.The main thing is that You don't have to learn anything in Bootstrap,if you are knowing CSS,you just need to remember some classes or you can also copy and paste the code from the official website it's completely on you but I recommendation is that you should learn Bootstrap if you are a Frontend Developer or UI Developer. Many Developer says that Bootstrap is not good don…

Is Python a dying programming language?

Python is a dying programming language I can't even imagine this scenario.Python is widely used in the field of AI or Data Science which is considered as the sexiest job of 21st century by Harvard Business News.In Indian Universities,10 years ago Python was not even in the syllabus of a single University but now almost every University is making Python compulsory to learn as they now have acknowledged the features of python and have understood that python is the language of future.
You can't imagine that Python has now become the fastest growing programming language.Very recenty the number of GitHub repositories of Python Programming Language became more than the number of Repositories of Java Programming Language.
Python has some awesome applications in developing Desktop Applications,Web Applications and even Mobile Applications using the Kivy Framework.Python is easiest programming language and the most beginner friendly language which is now changing the way people were thin…

What specifications my PC or Laptop should have for Programming and Game Development?

What specifications my PC or Laptop should have for Programming and Game Development? Reading Time:1 min
Hello Programmers,this is Satyam,in this blog we are going to talk about the specs we need to have for programming and game development.First of all let's talk about the specs needed for programming,you actually don't need a heavy duty PC or Laptop for Programming,you can even use a mid range PC which will be enough for programming(Console based Programming),you even don't need to install tons of Softwares or IDEs for Programming,there are a lot of Online IDEs available  in the market to use.Few of them are really very very awesome.If you want an Online IDE for Python,Java or many other programming languages you can use , it also supports Swing and Python Data Science Tools,it also supports Django which is a Web Framework for developing Powerful Web Applications.There are many tools such as Colab and Jupyter Notebook which is absolutely awesome IDEs for Python…

Popular Python Frameworks?Libraries?Module?

 Popular Python Frameworks?Libraries?Module? Reading Time:1 min 28 sec
Python is a awesome programming language.Personally I love to code in Python.Python has a large number of frameworks which you can use for different purposes.First of all if You don't know what is a Framework,I am narrating a story which will help you to understand the meaning of Frameworks.

"Suppose you have to make school benches and you know the art of making them but you need wood for that.You have to ways of making the benches,the first one is going to the forest,cutting and shaping the wood as per he requirement or you can directly buy shaped wooden blocks from the market,which way is better.Obviously the second way is better,less time consuming and easy.But I am narrating this story the meaning of Framework is just similar to this.Python is a Library like the raw woods from the forest and you will need to work comparatively more to make a product directly with python but Django which is a Python Framew…

Skills to become a Frontend Developer in 2020 - 2021?

Skills to become a Frontend Developer in 2020 - 2021?Hello programmers,this is Satyam,in todays blog weare to talk about some skills required to become a frontend developer in 2020 or 2021.It's only my opinion and views.Let's first talk about who is a Frontend developer.A Frontend Developer is a person who works on creating the User Interfaces i.e. creating the part of web which we see.Or by definition we can say "A Frontend Developer is the person who works on frontend technologies such as HTML,CSS and JavaScript as well as some Frameworks such as React,Angular and Vue". Ten years  ago when there were no frameworks available in the market technologies such as HTML,CSS and Javascript were enough to get a Job but nowadays you at least need to know one Framework may be React and Angular which are the most popular frameworks currently in the market.Now the question arises that how to learn these frameworks.Learning is very simple,Learning this frameworks is very easy as …

TypeScript Vs JavaScript Vs Ecmascript?Comparison?

TypeScript Vs JavaScript Vs EcmascriptHello guys in this blog we are going to compare Javascript,Typescript and Ecmascript.First of all let's talk about Javascript.Javascript was introduced in the early 90s as a programming language for web.Before Javascript Developers used Java as a Programming Language for Web and created Web Pages which were know as Applets.Now there was a Company named Landscape.They thought that they should develop a programming language for Web and hence they developed Javascript but in it's early stages it was not very popular but after some time it started growing and nowadays it is considered as the most popular programming language as we can develop Web Apps,Mobile Apps as well as Desktop App in Javascript.
Now let's talk about Typescript which is you can say an improvement of Javascript Programming Language.Typescript was developed by Microsoft and it says "TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript compiled to JavaScript. In other words,…

Flutter Vs React Native ? Which is better ? Why?

 Flutter Vs React Native ? Which is better ? Why?Flutter and React Native are both used in the field of Mobile Application Development.They are generally known for developing Cross Platform Mobile Applications i.e. those mobile applications which can be easily migrated to different operating systems including Android and IOS.Let us first talk about the history of React Native and then we will learn about the history of Flutter.React Native Was Developed by Facebook for developing cross platform Mobile Applications.It uses React and Javascript.If you don't know what is React.I am going to tell you about it in short.React is a frontend framework developed by Facebook which is know for it's Virtual DOM.We are going to discuss about the Virtual DOM in this Article.Now Flutter is developed by Google so you can say it's a google branded product it uses Dart Language which is very similar to C++ language.But you should learn Dart before getting started with Flutter.Comparing Reac…

How to build an entertainment app like hotstar?

Building an entertainment app like Hotstar?Building an App Like Hotstar is not much difficult as generally people think of it.The first thing we are going to understand how these types of apps works.The working is based on API.Now If you don't know what is an API,I have also written a blog on it.Click Here to Read. Actually Hotstar is a third party app which uses API to access the Databases of different Film Producing Studios or may be Serial Producing Studios.Once they get the data from the API they fetch and show it to there app or website whatever you would like to call it.Believe me the working of these apps are very simple.You can easily make a basic streaming app with some free public APIs with few weeks.Can you build an App like Hotstar?Yes you can very easily build an App like Hotstar but the main problem is that you have to invest a good amount of Money I am estimating it to be 20 - 25 lakhs which is a significant amount of money for a normal guy.If you have the knowledg…

Which is better, Java or Python? And how?

Java or Python Which is one Best ?
First of all I am not giving any judgement that you should learn python or java but I am only comparing them on the basis of their pluses and minuses , on the basis of uses and popularity.  Java and Python are both old languages i.e. they are not new in the market both Java and Python Language were introduced in the 90s and still Java is a great language as you can develop Android Applications,Desktop Applications and also in Software Testing.But Python which is considered as the most versatile fifth generation programming language which is capable of working with latest technologies with a much easier syntax than.But  this is not enough Python also supports a wide of libraries as it is an Open Source Programming Language and a lot of people contributes to it's development.Java supports all Object Oriented concepts directly but Python does not supports Many Object Oriented Concepts such as Abstraction or Encapsulation directly and you have use mo…

Deno and Node.js Comparison?

Deno is a new Javascript Framework for Backend Development.Deno is actually developed by Ryan Dahl who is also the developer of Node.js and Deno is like an improved version of Node.js.First of all what is Node.js.Node.js is a Runtime Environment for Javascript to run the javascript code outside the browser but what was the problem with Node.js - Actually There were a lot of Security Issues on Node.js So the developer Node.js created Deno with most security threats solved and now we can use deno.Check Out the official Website of Deno for info of installation and further development:Deno. Now let's talk more about the Deno Framework.I have been using Deno for last few weeks almost 2 weeks and I think Deno is a good replacement or improvement of NodeJS.Will Deno Kill NodeJS? Actually Deno and NodeJS will both dominate the market because they both are good but the improvement in the security threats of Deno will make it my first choice.My Tutorials

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