Why is Python a language of choice for data scientists?

This question I think is very obvious as Anywhere you search about what are the best Programming Languages for Data Science are available in the market then in almost all the cases or results you will find that python is regarded as the best suitable language for Data Science or Any Field related to Data Analysis because Python's syntax is quite simple and very easy to understand and read than other programming Languages like Java,C or C++.You might be thinking that is it possible to use Java,C or C++ in the field of Data Science.The answer is yes you can easily use these Languages for Data Science but the main problem which comes into the picture is there tough syntax and lesser number of scientific Libraries in comparison to programming Languages like Python and Go.The other possible reasons could be that mostly the tools for Data Science may be for Data Visualization or Analysis are built on the top of Python Programming Language due to it's popularity in Global Market.  
                              So,You can say that Python is a great choice for Data Science but not all the time.

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