What is the best ways to make money as a developer or programmer ??

First of all I would like to say that if you are programming just for earning money just stop programming because literally you can't earn a lot from programming if you don't have the knowledge of Web Design and Mobile Application Development.Now a days the word programming refers to all like Mobile App Development,Game Development or Sometimes Web Apps development.The thing I want to explain that In order to earn a lot money literally thousands of dollars you need to have all basic skill that I have included in programming.
                              Now I would like to tell you what are the best ways to make money as a programmer or a developer..

The first and the most common I think will be getting a developers job in an IT or Technology company.But sometimes it's not a great thing to do because it may happen that you might have to fall under a certain category in which you are good or can do good  but in few ways you can make money without having completely dependent on a particular domain let's say you are a developer and you are working in a company called MZon(We have to just assume) and your  company has recently got a new project (say Live streaming Application for Android,IOS and window),Now your company will put the best developers on this project say 100 developers suppose your company will get 50 thousand dollars on this project.Now,please note that this entire money is not yours this is your company's money and it will be distributed among 100 or may be all the employees as salary so you don't get any extra income.
          Now suppose that you are a FREELANCER,who individually takes projects and suppose that the same project you have done entirely by yourself and with the help from few other developers then maximum profit wents to your pocket that's great ;)

The second best possible way to make money as a programmer is by making your own apps and selling them on Play Store or may be on App Store , you will earn money from making apps by only advertisement and advertisement.I also love developing apps.

And the third way would be participating in Coding competitions but I don't like this way because the money you will earn is much lesser than the efforts you have to put  on learning it.But,it depends totally on your thoughts an interests.....

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