What exactly can you do with Python?

This is a very Tricky Question at least from my side.Python,now a days is growing at a very fast rate  due to it's easy to learn syntax which is very good for a newbie programmer to learn programming.From my experience , Python has 3 main Application:-

  1. The First one is obviously Data Science,It's one of the most demanding field in the world.According to Harvard Business News ''Data Science is the Sexiest Job of 21st Century".If such a big institution is claiming something like that then we have to believe it.Now what is Data Science.As the name suggests it's the science dealing with our data i.e analysis of data,data mining or data visualization for prediction of future demand such as demand of Smart Phones after a flash sale for an E-commerce Company for next month or so.Actually Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are interrelated or you can say that they are nearly same.Machine Learning and Deep Learning As you know are the subsets of Artificial Intelligence.So the conclusion is that all these we have discussed are towards same reference.Now we will try to understand that what is Machine Learning and Deep Learning.Machine Learning is the subset of Artificial Intelligence in which we make Algorithms for computers to understand things or activities from their environment and learn new things by their own generally These algorithms are called Machine Learning Algorithms. Now what is Deep Learning.Deep Learning is the subset of Machine Learning in which we make Artificial Neural Networks.That's Really a very Interesting thing to do but obviously not a very easy task to do.Now we also require some Mathematics for Data Science or Artificial Intelligence but remember that if you want to become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer then you don't need to be very good at Mathematics but you should know the basics of Trigonometry and Some Calculus.Whereas If you want to become a Researcher then you need to be very strong at Mathematics
  2. The 2nd Application is in Web Development.Python has some great Web Frameworks for Developing Web Applications.Now you  might be wondering that why do we need to use Web Frameworks then you should read our blog for this topic.We have already made content for this topic.Django and Flask are the two most popular Web Frameworks in Python for Developing Web Applications.But Django is very Powerful and Easy to use.The main feature of  Django is that it already provides an Admin interface and It controls the Controller of the MVC architecture.But this feature  also serves as a Demerit as in the Software World we can't understand code written by others.
  3. The third application is Scripting.Scripting simply refers to write small code which is used to automate simple tasks.
  4. Python can also be used for Developing 2D Graphical games with Pygame module but I personally don't prefer you to use it if you are serious about Game Development.
  5. Python has some rich GUI Libraries for Developing Desktop Application  but they are not powerful as the same Application build with other programming Languages Like Java,C or C++ but still it's a good option.Tkinter,WxPython and PyQt are some of the
    GUI Libraries.

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