What are the best learning sites for Python?

Now a days,the availability of  Internet to everybody has made an opportunity for everyone who wants to gain some knowledge and use that knowledge for their day to day expenses and survival in this World.
                                       Now moving to core topic that "What are the best learning sites for python?".There are may websites available for learning python which provides high quality content first of all I will tell you about the factors which makes a site good or bad to learn Python.Since Python is an easy to use language people would like to have an interactive and joyful environment such as a good UI of the website,an online IDE provided by that site that will increase the creativity of the learner to learn and apply new things or concepts in an easy manner.If we talk about Python Programming Language that how one should learn it is just by practicing or solving more and more examples based on critical thinking.
            So,My recommendation is javatpoint.com which provides awesome content for learning Python as it has a bunch of topics and explained in a quiet good manner.My second choice would be tutorialspoint.com.


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