How should I start learning Python?

Python is a very simple Programming Language as it's Syntax is very very easy to write,read and remember but how can one should start Learning Python from Zero to become a Hero Now what does Hero means will be different for different Peoples some will refer it when They will be able to build Powerful Web Applications or some will believe this if they will be able to solve Machine Learning Problems  that is when they will have learned Data Science Now how one should start - First and the Foremost thing needed is that you should  have basic knowledge of operating a computer and then you can either start learning Python by some youtube videos as it's easier for a newbie to start by watching video tutorials I think  freecodecamp youtube channel  has great content as well great instructors.Later you can use Stack overflow for any queries and then to learn more useful concepts go to websites like or,you can go to any site But my personal recommendations are these two sites because I have also gone through there content and believe me that there contents are awesome.But Please keep in mind that you should first be sure to be able to build some product from dome knowledge then only you can navigate to other topics such as If you have learned complete Python Programming then you should go for Web Application Development but be sure that you should able to build small applications of your own after some reasonable practice then only you should move on to the other domains like developing graphical games with pygame module and Machine Learning...And then you can that you are a Python Programming .........

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