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What exactly can you do with Python?

This is a very Tricky Question at least from my side.Python,now a days is growing at a very fast rate  due to it's easy to learn syntax which is very good for a newbie programmer to learn programming.From my experience , Python has 3 main Application:-

The First one is obviously Data Science,It's one of the most demanding field in the world.According to Harvard Business News ''Data Science is the Sexiest Job of 21st Century".If such a big institution is claiming something like that then we have to believe it.Now what is Data Science.As the name suggests it's the science dealing with our data i.e analysis of data,data mining or data visualization for prediction of future demand such as demand of Smart Phones after a flash sale for an E-commerce Company for next month or so.Actually Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are interrelated or you can say that they are nearly same.Machine Learning and Deep Learning As you know are the subsets of Artificial Intelli…

What is Abstraction in Python?

Python is an Object Oriented Programming Language with a very simple syntax.Now what do you mean by Abstraction in Python.First of all we will see the typical definition of Abstraction:-
Abstraction is the process of hiding sensitive data and only showing the essentiy or required part of the data.

Now I am sure you might have not understood the meaning of Abstraction by this typical definition.So,how we can understand this concept easily.I am taking the example of ATM Machine,you just know how to fetch or get the money💰,you actually don't know from where this money coming.Is someone sitting inside ATM machine or it's been operated by any bots.So,the similar concept can be related to ABSTRACTION.

Does Python support encapsulation?

Initially programming was only done with the help of Logics and Function but with the passage of time  as the programmings grew bigger and bigger, that idea lead to lot of redundant code/modules and maintainability became a big problem. Then People understood the importance of data and how to manage data became an important topic That is how OOPs paradigm came into existence and became widely popular.
Now moving into the core topic that is Encapsulation supported in Python.But before we discuss it we first will try to understand what actually Encapsulation is.Encapsulation is the process and one of the main pillars of Object Oriented Programming which allows programmer to wrap data and code in a single unit.So Why it is useful.It increases the security of the code.Now the question arises how We can implement Encapsulation in Python.We can implement encapsulation by using private access modifier and we can get or set data from or to that classes with the help of Getter and Setter metho…

What are the best learning sites for Python?

Now a days,the availability of  Internet to everybody has made an opportunity for everyone who wants to gain some knowledge and use that knowledge for their day to day expenses and survival in this World.                                        Now moving to core topic that "What are the best learning sites for python?".There are may websites available for learning python which provides high quality content first of all I will tell you about the factors which makes a site good or bad to learn Python.Since Python is an easy to use language people would like to have an interactive and joyful environment such as a good UI of the website,an online IDE provided by that site that will increase the creativity of the learner to learn and apply new things or concepts in an easy manner.If we talk about Python Programming Language that how one should learn it is just by practicing or solving more and more examples based on critical thinking.             So,My recommendation is javatpoint.…

How should I start learning Python?

Python is a very simple Programming Language as it's Syntax is very very easy to write,read and remember but how can one should start Learning Python from Zero to become a Hero Now what does Hero means will be different for different Peoples some will refer it when They will be able to build Powerful Web Applications or some will believe this if they will be able to solve Machine Learning Problems  that is when they will have learned Data Science Now how one should start - First and the Foremost thing needed is that you should  have basic knowledge of operating a computer and then you can either start learning Python by some youtube videos as it's easier for a newbie to start by watching video tutorials I think  freecodecamp youtube channel  has great content as well great instructors.Later you can use Stack overflow for any queries and then to learn more useful concepts go to websites like or,you can go to any site But my personal recommendat…

Why is Python a language of choice for data scientists?

This question I think is very obvious as Anywhere you search about what are the best Programming Languages for Data Science are available in the market then in almost all the cases or results you will find that python is regarded as the best suitable language for Data Science or Any Field related to Data Analysis because Python's syntax is quite simple and very easy to understand and read than other programming Languages like Java,C or C++.You might be thinking that is it possible to use Java,C or C++ in the field of Data Science.The answer is yes you can easily use these Languages for Data Science but the main problem which comes into the picture is there tough syntax and lesser number of scientific Libraries in comparison to programming Languages like Python and Go.The other possible reasons could be that mostly the tools for Data Science may be for Data Visualization or Analysis are built on the top of Python Programming Language due to it's popularity in Global Market.     …

What is the best ways to make money as a developer or programmer ??

First of all I would like to say that if you are programming just for earning money just stop programming because literally you can't earn a lot from programming if you don't have the knowledge of Web Design and Mobile Application Development.Now a days the word programming refers to all like Mobile App Development,Game Development or Sometimes Web Apps development.The thing I want to explain that In order to earn a lot money literally thousands of dollars you need to have all basic skill that I have included in programming.                               Now I would like to tell you what are the best ways to make money as a programmer or a developer..
The first and the most common I think will be getting a developers job in an IT or Technology company.But sometimes it's not a great thing to do because it may happen that you might have to fall under a certain category in which you are good or can do good  but in few ways you can make money without having completely dependent …

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