How to Learn Data Structures and Algorithms Quickly and Effectively???

At first, I would like to say that Data Structures and Algorithms are those topics that differentiate between a good programmer and the best programmer. It totally depends on you whether you just want to become a great programmer or just a programmer to learn some money or showoff. Programming is all about solving critical Problems by creating effective logic.Now moving onto the core topic of how to learn DS and Algo Quickly. So, please note that there is no way to Learn DS and Algo in a night or few days it can take you 6 - 7 months with a lot of practice sometimes it may take a year or two.
Now, what should you do to solve critical problems using DS and Algo? Actually, It's Not Necessary that after learning DS and Algo you will be able to solve all critical problems it depends upon that by how much dedication and hard work you have put on learning it. You may have seen people committing to teach DS and Algo in just a week or two, believe me, they are just a waste of time and money.The easiest way to learn Data Structures and Algorithms is by having a thorough reading of a good book(in my case it's Data Structures and Algorithms  Made Easy in Java). After having a thorough reading of the book you can implement some commonly used data structures such as Linked List, Stack, and Queue and you should practice commonly used sorting Algorithms and after that, you can either solve Problems of online Tests or the questions of Google Code Jam or HackerRank.Now to prove yourself participate in  Competitions like Google Code Jam or Equivalent Exams.

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