Python or Javascript who is the king among these two

Which programming language is best python or javascript ?

They both are good languages but often I like to say that JavaScript is not a best Language It's a great Language

JavaScript came in the market in around 1995-1996 as a scripting language to have better working websites but after the Development of Node by Ryan Dahl Javascript literally got extended to every platform including Cross Platform Mobile Application Development.In the previous blog I have mentioned Ionic Framework which is build on the top of Angular framework which actually is typescript based javascript framework.Now I don't want to create confusion that what is TypeScript.TypeScript is similar to javascript except it has some better logical syntax than in javascript..

Now I would like to take this discussion to python,Python is an easy to learn language developed by Guido Van Rossoum
a language whose syntax is very easy to learn..

Python is not a great choice for android development but it is great for building Desktop Application and in Artificial Intelligence

So please don't assume what is good or great Just use them as per the situation demands..

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