What is the difference between SQL and MySQL or MS SQL Server?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language which is a standard for all SQL engines.                                             Whereas MySQL is based on and uses SQL queries to perform CRUD(Create,Retrieve,Update,Delete) Application for a piece of Software.

SQL is very much different from MySQL as MySQL is an RDMS(Relational Database Management System) by which you can access your database and perform certain operations.

SQL is much about providing an Standard for all basic queries such as create,update,delete or select which is supported by all major RDMSs.

Whether you are learning MySQL or MS SQL Server  you are indirectly learning SQL as it provides an standard for accessing and manipulating the data of the database.

SQL was developed by IBM in late 1970s.At that time It was called SEEQUEL but due to copyright issues It is now written as SQL whereas MySQL is one of the most popular RDMS for Web and over 60% of total websites uses only MySQL and MySQL is now a product of Oracle technologies.

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