What are the best IDEs?

What are the best IDEs for programming?

First of all I would explain the meaning of IDE suppose you want to start programming then it must requires some tools for programming,So IDE is the very first or basic tool for programming.
                                  It stands for "Integrated Development Environment" Now you may be wondering that there are a lot of programming languages do I need different IDEs for all languages.  
       The answer is absolutely no there are many IDEs which supports multiple programming languages.

Below are some of the popular IDEs you can use for programming:-

Netbeans:- It is an IDE which supports Java,C and C++ language.It is very popular due to it's simple and easy to use UI.

Eclipse:-It is an IDE which support JavaSE ,JavaEE ,C/C++ and php.It is very light weight and I personally love this.

CodeBlocks:-It's a great IDE for C and C++  development.It is open source and a light weight IDE.

Pycharm:-This IDE is fabulous and great for python developers.It was developed by Jetbrains.It is not free but a community version is available for use.

Intellij IDEA:-It is an IDE which can be used  for android development with java and it was also developed by JetBrains.It is also not free but a community version is available for use.

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