Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks in 2020

Top five JavaScript frameworks to learn in 2020?

ANGULAR:-The story of angular framework is very confusing.It was earlier developed and known as 'AngularJS ' but after sometime major changes were made to it and it came to be known as Angular 2,3,4 and also till 8 version.It is very good framework for developing SPAs(Single Page Applications).It's popularity is enhanced as it is a Google product. 

REACTJS:-IT was developed by facebook to solve the problem of DOM of Javascript in web.Let me explain you.If you are using facebook since 2010 you might have noticed that on going from one page to another the whole page is reloaded so Facebook came up with a solution by making virtual DOM.We will not be going in deep that what is the virtual DOM.React is a popular front end framework for web.

NODE.JS:-It is server side javascript primarily used for running javascript outside the browser.Ryan Dahl a Software engineer developed it in 2009 by putting chrome's V8 engine into an executable file.
And now Node.js is one of the most popular server side Frameworks.

REACT  NATIVE:-Most of the enterprises were facing a problem of developing native apps for multiple platforms as it costs a lot of money and requires a large amount of time.Facebook developed react native as 'write once ,run everywhere' which means you have to just code one time and it can be sooner deployed on major mobile phone OSs like Android and IOS.

IONIC:-It is used for developing hybrid apps for smartphone devices.Some of the best thing I like about Ionic is that it provides an option to directly run the app in the browser itself which solves the problem to use an android emulator which does not works properly in Low end devices.It has less native features but enough to build great apps.

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