should you learn php in 2020

Should You learn php programming  in 2020?

This question is very frequently asked by many peoples specially,new developers.

First for all I would like to ask you a question that how do you learn a programming language,Most people will answer that they either learn from online websites or some books now I would like to replace you in the position of that very book writer or the website creator and I will ask you a question that why will you create a website or write a book for any programming language they will definetly answer that they are making content on that programming language because it is popular and people want to learn it..

I think you have got the answer Php is a bit slower than other backend languages but it is very popular and is used in more that 50 % for the websites in the internet.Even the tech giant facebook uses Php as it's backend language and also there are a lot of people in the programming world who have the knowledge of Php so there's a huge supply of educators for Php programming language...  

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