Learning a technology

How  to learn new technology quickly and effectively?

First of all I would like to say that learning every technology is just waste of time instead of  wasting time you can use your precious  time designing a product from that very technology...

If someone believes that learning only a single technology isn't sufficient but if you have a good knowledge of a single technology then you can absolutely earn a lot of money as well as ambitions and time to learn new technologies.. 

It is also important that you should not learn a very new or a very old technology do analysis for what is trending currently in the market and what's the future trends In order to realize this issue you should have to decide which technology you actually want  and need to learn..

Later if you have choosen the technology you want to learn in future as per the market.Mostly throughout few years AI is one of the most trending technology but If you don't know there are technologies other than AI such as Blockchain whose future is also very bright .

In most of the places I see that people are focusing on what a techy is describing actually if one will ask any AI engineer that How much time it will take me to learn AI he/she will definetly tell that it would take 6-12 months of time but believe me you can learn it in just a month or less excluding the time you will devote for the calculus i.e the mathematical part

Mainly you have to learn Computer vision if you choose python as a language which i will recommend you to do It has tools like numpy,pandas and matplotlib which are easy to use and understandable, So it will just take a time of 20-30 days to learn any technology....

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