How can I master Javascript?

The first thing I would like to mention you that you just not have to master Javascript there a  bunch of frameworks available in Javascript not just for making Web Applications but also for making mobile applications - cross-platform using frameworks like Ionic or React Native.You can also build Desktop applications using Javascript framework Electron.js.The cool part about Javascript that it's not like a very hard to learn programming rather I will say that it is one of the easiest language to learn at least from my side.

Now I would like to move on the core topic i.e how One can Master Javascript.Remember one thing mastering a programming language doesn't means that you have to learn all the frameworks you have to just master those frameworks which actually suits you domain.Now what is this domain. Domain simply means in what field you want to make career such as for Front end developer you at least need to learn about React and Vue both are awesome frameworks,for  backend development you need to know about Node.js and Express.js and again both are also awesome frameworks.

The story of JavaScript is quite confusing at the initial stages of development it was not so popular but now it is one of the most popular languages out there.

Now what is Typescript and Ecmascript?

Typescript was developed by Microsoft to make some corrections to the syntax of JavaScript and nothing more you have to learn in Typescript.

Now what is Ecmascript?

Ecmascript was developed in order to provide an standard to JavaScript It also provided a lot of functions and different ways of declaring variable by introducing let and const keywords.

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