Android Development Market

Is it Easy to make money as an Android Application Developer 
or an Android Game Developer?

My views:-

Of course It's easy to earn money as an Android Application Developer or an Android Game Developer but not without any hard work...

There are tons of apps available in the playstore and appstore and with good amount of downloads.Some apps I believe are nearly useless but they still have thousands of downloads because there are many kinds of people in the world every one has some taste So the success ratio of any application mainly general purpose applications is very high...

Now the question arises is it easy or difficult to develop android application? 

It depends upon what language or what framework you use..

now what is a language is it like english or hindi,the answer is Absolutely no these are programming languages and now there is another question that will arise in your mind that what is this Framework

So,assume that someone told you to build an wooden chair, and gave you two options first one that you have to go to the forest and cut the wood and then  make it and the second one that he will provide all the prepared wooden blocks or sheets and you just have to assemble them and make a shape..

So what did you like to do , Most people will go for the second option similarly there's the concept of Frameworks..

According to me Ionic is the best framework based on Angular 8 as it provides a feature to run/test  the app in browser in developer mode itself...


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