5 Best Java frameworks

  1.Spring:-Spring is a great Java framework which is used for developing dynamic web applications.Spring has a lot of features including security and configuration, which are easy to learn.

2.Struts:-It's an open source MVC framework  that can be used to extend the JSP API.
Struts separate the View, Controller and the Model (data) and provides the binding between each through a configuration file struts-config.xml.

3.Hibernate:-In Object Oriented Languages such as Java It's very difficult to deal with Relational Databases and in order to solve this problem Hibernate was developed.The most interesting feature of Hibernate is that it directly maps the Java classes with the corresponding database tables.It  solved two major problems with JDBC(Java Database Connectivity) that are 

1)Support issues of Object -Level Relationship
by providing ORM.

2)While moving from one database to another the older queries may not work.

4.Apache Wicket:-The developers who have already worked with the JSP they will find it too easy to learn Wicket.Wicket's main feature is that it uses POJO(Plain Old Java Objects) having OOPs features.It is very light weight and you can build faster applications using it.
5.JSF(Java Server Faces):-The main idea behind JSF was to encapsulate various client side technologies like HTML,CSS and JavaScript.It can also be integrated to AJAX(Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

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