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How can I master Javascript?

The first thing I would like to mention you that you just not have to master Javascript there a  bunch of frameworks available in Javascript not just for making Web Applications but also for making mobile applications - cross-platform using frameworks like Ionic or React Native.You can also build Desktop applications using Javascript framework Electron.js.The cool part about Javascript that it's not like a very hard to learn programming rather I will say that it is one of the easiest language to learn at least from my side.
Now I would like to move on the core topic i.e how One can Master Javascript.Remember one thing mastering a programming language doesn't means that you have to learn all the frameworks you have to just master those frameworks which actually suits you domain.Now what is this domain. Domain simply means in what field you want to make career such as for Front end developer you at least need to learn about React and Vue both are awesome frameworks,for  backend d…

5 Best Java frameworks

1.Spring:-Spring is a great Java framework which is used for developing dynamic web applications.Spring has a lot of features including security and configuration, which are easy to learn.
2.Struts:-It's an open source MVC framework  that can be used to extend the JSP API. Struts separate the View, Controller and the Model (data) and provides the binding between each through a configuration file struts-config.xml.
3.Hibernate:-In Object Oriented Languages such as Java It's very difficult to deal with Relational Databases and in order to solve this problem Hibernate was developed.The most interesting feature of Hibernate is that it directly maps the Java classes with the corresponding database tables.It  solved two major problems with JDBC(Java Database Connectivity) that are 
1)Support issues of Object -Level Relationship by providing ORM.
2)While moving from one database to another the older queries may not work.
4.Apache Wicket:-The developers who have already worked with the JSP t…

What is An MVC Framework?

MVC stands for Model-View-Controller.It is an Architecture which seperates any application into three main parts:-
Model:-This part deals with all the data related jobs in the application.This can represent either the data that is being transferred between the View and Controller components or any other business logic-related data.
View:-The View component is used for all the UI logic of the application. For example, the Customer view will include all the UI components such as text boxes, dropdowns, etc. that the final user interacts with.
Controller:-Controllers act as an interface between Model and View components to process all the business logic and incoming requests, manipulate data using the Model component and interact with the Views to render the final output.

Some Popular MVC based Frameworks are:-

1)Django:-It is python based web framework.It is known for it's ability to generate high quality web apps with very less effort.

2)Angular:-Angular is one of the most popular Javascr…

What is the difference between SQL and MySQL or MS SQL Server?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language which is a standard for all SQL engines.                                             Whereas MySQL is based on and uses SQL queries to perform CRUD(Create,Retrieve,Update,Delete) Application for a piece of Software.

SQL is very much different from MySQL as MySQL is an RDMS(Relational Database Management System) by which you can access your database and perform certain operations.
SQL is much about providing an Standard for all basic queries such as create,update,delete or select which is supported by all major RDMSs.
Whether you are learning MySQL or MS SQL Server  you are indirectly learning SQL as it provides an standard for accessing and manipulating the data of the database.

SQL was developed by IBM in late 1970s.At that time It was called SEEQUEL but due to copyright issues It is now written as SQL whereas MySQL is one of the most popular RDMS for Web and over 60% of total websites uses only MySQL and MySQL is now a product of Oracle technolog…

Best game engine for beginners(#1)?

Unity:-Unity is a free game engine which is very popular and not so hard to use.It was developed in around 2004.It is  a great game engine.A bunch of popular games are built on it.        It uses C# and JavaScript as it's Scripting languages.It also supports FBX format.The best thing about unity is that there are a lot of developers knowing unity which is helpful for learning.                 You can also use AI in your games using unity.There are a lot of features that makes unity a perfect game engine for beginners.Some of them are as follows:-
1.It is very helpful for Indie game developers as they have low budget and In unity most features are provided in the free version itself.
2.Asset Store is one of the best features I Like about unity.There's everything you need to make a game.
3.The Unity editor provides a drag and drop environment for creating games. It is possible to create a game in Unity without writing any code but most projects require programming chops.

4.Unity users…

Is Java a pure object-oriented programming language?

Before starting this discussion on whether java is a pure object oriented language or not , I would like to explain about what is object oriented  languages.
                           Object Orientation is a paradigm for programming.                       Now what is programming paradigm.Suppose you are making an application in any programming language then there must be some data to which you have to deal with.                                            The way you will deal with that very data is called programming paradigm.
Now going into the point the fact that a programming language is object oriented when there's a concept of classes and objects only,but In java there are primitive data types such as int,float etc.So java don't follow this rule properly and hence it's an object oriented language but not a pure object oriented language.
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What are the best IDEs?

What are the best IDEs for programming?
First of all I would explain the meaning of IDE suppose you want to start programming then it must requires some tools for programming,So IDE is the very first or basic tool for programming. It stands for "Integrated Development Environment" Now you may be wondering that there are a lot of programming languages do I need different IDEs for all languages.          The answer is absolutely no there are many IDEs which supports multiple programming languages.

Below are some of the popular IDEs you can use for programming:-
Netbeans:- It is an IDE which supports Java,C and C++ language.It is very popular due to it's simple and easy to use UI.
Eclipse:-It is an IDE which support JavaSE ,JavaEE ,C/C++ and php.It is very light weight and I personally love this.
CodeBlocks:-It's a great IDE for C and C++  development.It is open source and a light weight IDE.
Pycharm:-This IDE is fabulous and great for python developers.It was developed by Jetb…

How to master Java Programming Language?

How to master java programming language?

In order to become a java expert,you should have the basic knowledge of  Java SE i.e Java Special Edition,Later you can learn JDBC which is Java Database connectivity.

After learning these topics you can start with Java EE i.e Java Enterprise Edition where you can build Enterprise Applications.
To Learn Java EE , you have to learn about build tools like maven or ant,don't worry these are not very tough topics rather you can consider them as the easy topic it uses XML.
After learning let's say Maven a popular build tool you can start learning Hibernate and after learning hibernate you can start with Spring framework,spring boot ,Spring MVC and withing 2-3 months you will become a great java programmer.

I will prefer you the following youtube channels for Java:-


2)Derek Banas


Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks in 2020

Top five JavaScript frameworks to learn in 2020?

ANGULAR:-The story of angular framework is very confusing.It was earlier developed and known as 'AngularJS ' but after sometime major changes were made to it and it came to be known as Angular 2,3,4 and also till 8 version.It is very good framework for developing SPAs(Single Page Applications).It's popularity is enhanced as it is a Google product. 

REACTJS:-IT was developed by facebook to solve the problem of DOM of Javascript in web.Let me explain you.If you are using facebook since 2010 you might have noticed that on going from one page to another the whole page is reloaded so Facebook came up with a solution by making virtual DOM.We will not be going in deep that what is the virtual DOM.React is a popular front end framework for web.

NODE.JS:-It is server side javascript primarily used for running javascript outside the browser.Ryan Dahl a Software engineer developed it in 2009 by putting chrome's V8 engine into an execu…

R vs Python:Which one is better for data science?

R vs Python:Which one is better for data science?

First of all I know that you are aware of python but what is R.R is a statistical programming language developed in 1995.The syntax of R is easy and readable but the question is that Between Python or R which is better.

R is more functional and python is an object oriented language..

Python is better for for data manipulation and repeated tasks, while R is good for ad hoc analysis and exploring datasets. ... R has a steep learning curve, and people without programming experience may find it overwhelming. Python is generally considered easier to pick up..

Therefore from above discussion we came into a  conclusion that Python is a bit better than R..

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Python frameworks for data science

Python frameworks for data science(In brief)?

There are many frameworks available in python for scientific computing/calculations...

Some of these are as follows:-

NUMPY:-Numpy is an array manipulation library build on the top of python programming language it is easy to use and handle and it can be directly installed using pip package manager.

PANDAS:-Pandas is a Data manipulation framework build on the top of python programming language you can very easily connect to a spreadsheet document using this.

MATPLOTLIB:-Matplotlib is rich graphics and Drawing tool/framework available in python.It can considered as a replacement of MATLAB language.

SCIKIT:-Scikit-learn (formerly scikits.learn and also known as sklearn) is a free softwaremachinelearninglibrary for the Python programming language. It features various classificationregression and clustering algorithms including support vector machinesrandom forestsgradient boostingk-means and DBSCAN, and is designed to interoperate with the …

should you learn php in 2020

Should You learn php programming  in 2020?

This question is very frequently asked by many peoples specially,new developers.

First for all I would like to ask you a question that how do you learn a programming language,Most people will answer that they either learn from online websites or some books now I would like to replace you in the position of that very book writer or the website creator and I will ask you a question that why will you create a website or write a book for any programming language they will definetly answer that they are making content on that programming language because it is popular and people want to learn it..

I think you have got the answer Php is a bit slower than other backend languages but it is very popular and is used in more that 50 % for the websites in the internet.Even the tech giant facebook uses Php as it's backend language and also there are a lot of people in the programming world who have the knowledge of Php so there's a huge supply of edu…

Python or Javascript who is the king among these two

Which programming language is best python or javascript ?

They both are good languages but often I like to say that JavaScript is not a best Language It's a great Language

JavaScript came in the market in around 1995-1996 as a scripting language to have better working websites but after the Development of Node by Ryan Dahl Javascript literally got extended to every platform including Cross Platform Mobile Application Development.In the previous blog I have mentioned Ionic Framework which is build on the top of Angular framework which actually is typescript based javascript framework.Now I don't want to create confusion that what is TypeScript.TypeScript is similar to javascript except it has some better logical syntax than in javascript..

Now I would like to take this discussion to python,Python is an easy to learn language developed by Guido Van Rossoum
a language whose syntax is very easy to learn..

Python is not a great choice for android development but it is great for building…

Android Development Market

Is it Easy to make money as an Android Application Developer 
or an Android Game Developer?

My views:-

Of course It's easy to earn money as an Android Application Developer or an Android Game Developer but not without any hard work...

There are tons of apps available in the playstore and appstore and with good amount of downloads.Some apps I believe are nearly useless but they still have thousands of downloads because there are many kinds of people in the world every one has some taste So the success ratio of any application mainly general purpose applications is very high...

Now the question arises is it easy or difficult to develop android application? 

It depends upon what language or what framework you use..

now what is a language is it like english or hindi,the answer is Absolutely no these are programming languages and now there is another question that will arise in your mind that what is this Framework

So,assume that someone told you to build an wooden chair, and gave you two opti…

Learning a technology

How  to learn new technology quickly and effectively?

First of all I would like to say that learning every technology is just waste of time instead of  wasting time you can use your precious  time designing a product from that very technology...

If someone believes that learning only a single technology isn't sufficient but if you have a good knowledge of a single technology then you can absolutely earn a lot of money as well as ambitions and time to learn new technologies.. 

It is also important that you should not learn a very new or a very old technology do analysis for what is trending currently in the market and what's the future trends In order to realize this issue you should have to decide which technology you actually want  and need to learn..

Later if you have choosen the technology you want to learn in future as per the market.Mostly throughout few years AI is one of the most trending technology but If you don't know there are technologies other than AI such as Bloc…

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